Laser Printer Questions Answered

Have questions about our remanufactured laser printer cartridges? Want to know more about our FREE services? We’ve collected our most commonly asked questions and included helpful answers. Our goal is to ensure clients feel confident and educated on their decision to work with Laser Solutions, Inc. Don’t see your question? Ask us here and we’ll answer in no time!

Q: What is a remanufactured laser printer toner cartridge?

We take original OEM cartridges and professionally clean, rebuild, and reassemble them to match or exceed the original manufacturer’s specs. Before shipping them off, we test every toner cartridge to ensure you get the same print quality and performance as the original.

Q: Where do you source your cartridges?

Our remanufactured toner cartridges are produced locally in Lockport, NY. We carry all of the major brands on the market.

Q: How can I book a service or place an order?

You can book your service by filling out the form on our home page or visiting our contact page!

Q: What kind of maintenance does a laser printer need?

Laser printers can experience wear and tear that needs to be addressed with regular maintenance. Our services include cleaning, checking for problems, changing out broken parts, quality tests, and replacing toner cartridges.

Q: Is a maintenance service really free?

Yes! Our services, repairs, and maintenance for your laser printer are 100% free. Plus, there are no sneaky service or labor charges. We offer 100% honest and reliable work. All you pay for are replacement parts if needed.

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