Printer Service

Laser Solutions has been rebuilding HP laser printer cartridges since 1989, and started repairing our customer’s machines a few years later. Looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition, we decided to provide our customers – and offer any potential new customers – FREE SERVICE AND REPAIR on their laser printers.

How does this really work?..

It’s simple, if your place of business purchases remanufactured cartridges from Laser Solutions – we offer these FREE services.

Any time you feel your printers need to be cleaned or checked for possible problems – call us, it’s a FREE service!

If something goes wrong with a printer, we can fix it onsite. We can gather information over the telephone to help us diagnose the problem and arrive with the parts needed to get the printer repaired and back in service.

There are never any service call or labor charges. 80% to 90% of the time printer problems can be resolved without any parts. If parts are needed, that is all the customer pays for – they are charged the same cost we pay for the parts!!!

Please don’t call us about “service contracts” – they are a waste of money. Today’s printers are made to last a long time. They rarely need service, and when they do, (with our help) it usually isn’t expensive.

Considering manufacturers like Hewlett Packard are always coming out with better, less expensive machines, it just doesn’t make any sense to pay good money for service or maintenance contracts!
What does make sense is to let us help you save money on your printing expenses.


Because they are the best printers made, we encourage everyone to buy HP. Hewlett Packard printers are built to last a long time, are very user friendly, and easy to service. Many businesses would like to have more printers but don’t want the expense. 

Laser Solutions is constantly searching for, and purchasing “low page count” HP printers of all sizes. We completely refurbish these printers and offer them for sale to our customer base. Each printer comes with a new toner cartridge and the proper cables – and completely guaranteed for one year – just like a brand new Hewlett Packard printer! – at a fraction of the cost! With a quick conversation, we can help determine which model would be best to suit your needs and price range.